Hi, How Are You?

I’m Ian Smile,
the designer who wants to create the future with you.



We’re all headed there. May as well enjoy the ride...

I want to work with you and your team to create amazing things on paper, on screens and in spaces. I don’t want them to be for “users,” but instead for “people.” People who are educated, entertained and made better by what we make.

A Short List of things that are important to me

(in no particular order) The creation and evolution of culture and subculture • Great design • Abstract thought • Comedy as a means to move people to thought and emotion • The art of the conversation • Storytelling through design, filmmaking and the written/spoken word • Having a voice and using it • The Art of Jim Phillips • The iconography of Ryan McGinness • Dennis Hopper’s brilliant insanity and insane brilliance • The dichotomies of the movie Almost Famous • New York in the ’70s • Skateboarding in the ’80s



Where ever you go, there you are

I am a multidisciplinary Designer who spends a ton of time thinking about the worlds created within screens, beyond them, and how the two interact. I am obsessed with process and am always learning.

I also enjoy being a Connector, be it through bringing people OR information together with the goal of positive outcomes. I strive for the best in myself and of others through working on teams, community building, leadership, and mentorship.

Some of the tools I use

Creative Suite • Sketch • UXPin • Coda • HTML • CSS • IA Writer • WuFoo • Google Docs for collaboration • too many Sharpies & Post-Its • traditional design methods & techniques • a world of influence • a lifetime of knowledge



Our history builds us as we build it

The discovery of punk and skateboarding molded me as a person and shaped how I see the world. Punk taught me about building community, having beliefs and creating a lot from very little. Skateboarding helped me see and adapt to different environments and use them to my advantage. These are just two of the things that motivate me to create every day...


Things I’ve made

Exposure Women's Skateboarding Competition

Design of on-site event banners, flyers and web graphics for nonprofit organization dedicated to empowering women through skateboarding and raising money for survivors of domestic violence.

Stoked.org Mentoring Website

UX Research and Design of site to educate, onboard, schedule & manage relationships between Mentors, Students & Hosts for afterschool mentoring program. The above wireframes include homepage, student signup form and detail of use of search/tag filtering to pair students with mentors.

Enterprise User Experience Conference

Logo design and badge application for event in San Antonio, TX.

Jennifer Alfano Jewelry

Logo design and branding materials for luxury accessory line.

Three Kings of Kings County Restaurant Group

Branding for Brooklyn, Jersey City & Miami-based restaurant group founded by Top Chef Dale Talde.

Harold Hunter Foundation

Branding for non-profit skateboard community-based organization that provides support, opportunity, and advocacy for skateboarders in NYC. Learn More and Donate

Grind For Life

Branding for Grind For Life, which provides financial assistance to cancer patients and their families when traveling long distances to doctors and hospitals. Learn More and Donate

Midwest UX Conference

Visual Design & Branding, including logo, website and ancillary material design, as well as collaborative UX, UI, IA & Content Strategy throughout conference planning lifecycle.

Chef Caroline Lee Jackson Dinner Club Ordering App

Chef/client communication tool for weekly menu updates and customer service. App to utilize iOS notifications for order and billing reminders.

Travel Bound UI/UX

Pages focus on increased B2B client engagement via personalized agent dashboard and more effective product filtering.

Travel Bound UI/UX

Additional views of search/results for global redesign.


Things I’ve done

I've enjoyed 2 decades as a Designer • 3 years lead organizer of BKUX with growth from 200 to 1500 members • 10 years as Photo Editor and 2 years as Entertainment & Fashion Photographer for Getty Images.

Most recently, I got married after proposing on stage during a Bouncing Souls “Home for the Holidays” show at the Stone Pony in Asbury Park, NJ in front of 800 punk kids and then headed West to write our next chapter in California.


About Us

That’s right. About US. It’s not all about me. WE both want to create amazing design work that gets people thinking, starts a conversation, creates joy and looks great too... so let's work together!