PADI Dive Log


Build a dive log feature for integration into a new system of tools for the dive community. Dive Logs are kept by scuba divers to record details of dive for personal, as well as safety reasons.


UX Research was performed with a group of PADI Dive Masters, Technical Divers and Instructors to define a multi-tiered feature list, creating options based on level of expertise and necessity of granularity in items to be logged. 


An elegant, easy to use, and most importantly customizable interface which syncs with a diver’s computer for basic details such as average depth, length of dive, location, air mix used etc and offers user input to add details such as photos, dive description and basic setup for beginner divers and more in depth details such as air mix for more experienced divers.

Initial signup screen for PADI Club members who havent been to the site before. Focus on welcoming message tone and imagery to get Users excited to see what is possible in the world of PADI Club. Copy to include description of what the site is used for and adds a link to onboarding overlay, which will cover the features available in the site and explain to Users why they should be active (create community, access easy-to-use dive logs, participate in dive challenges)

User Homepage Dashboard and View Dive Log Summary Pages. Top image on homepage will be a rotating (per pageview) Featured Dive Shot from a PADI Club member with photo credit caption to increase engagement. 

Post Activity and Add Dive Buddy Overlays

Diver Challenge Page with Feedback Overlay

Dive Log Builder including basic details such as water/air conditions, length of dive and gear worn to more detailed information such as cylinder configurations and dive schematics. Future iteration of the Builder will sync dive details from the User’s Dive Computer (worn on their wrist during every dive) and then allow further customization of each dive as seen fit.

Log A Dive Setup Detail for Cylinder Configuration (with Conditional logic based on CCR selection) and Publish Dive Overlay, featuring multiple options for Users to control where they publish content: Feed Only, Dive Log Only (to avoid alienating Users who want to log dives without sharing) or Both, with option for Social API push.